dimanche 7 juillet 2013

My story with English .... Part 2

Part 2

With Time , English became a part of my life , and I remember That summer , when I had the opportunity to meet the most wonderful teacher , even if she was young at the time , she had 20 may be when I was like 15,  her name was Nichole , a beautiful american girl , who initiated me with English and made me in love with it :D
At that time , the way that we learn English with her wasn't that formal , we were a group of 10 which made the learning process easier, and we were learning in a beautiful way , we were sometimes even singing songs , she gave us every time presents if one answers right ! and that encourages us so much !

At school back then , I wasn't really that good at English a year ago before meeting Nichole , but the next year I remember , my classmates were impressed , by the progress I made , I was able to speak better than any one else and my teacher was impressed as well , it was perfect !

Conclusion : Find a person who will motivate you to learn the language , then you will make a big step forward .

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To be continued ...

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