samedi 13 juillet 2013

My story with English .... Part 3

part 3 

It was exactly 4 years ago , when I got back to school , and my teacher , was like : OMG this guy have made great progress ... , after getting the basics of English , I could watch a movie with subtitles at first , as I mentioned in the first part  , start watching movies that I watched already , and liked , in English, those movies , I watched them , in French , since French is my second language. this way I was sure to understand and to get the meaning of the story , and understand the whole idea about the movie , but in an other language ; English .

And step by step , I started removing the subtitles from the movies , and tried so hard to understand the words , accents (British or American) , and expressions ! At first I was like a fool watching some movies without even getting what they are talking about , and still continue watching, I believed in one thing , if we want progress , there's no place for Giving up , and I remember that I used to say , that "what ever we are , we start always small to get bigger " , and I believed that I was at the time , small, and felt like a beginner , trying to work out something to improve my English, and I didn't gave up ...

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To be continued ...

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