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My story with english

my story with english
my story with english

my story with english

my story with english

I'm a young man of 20 years old living in Morocco, and decided to learn English at the age of 15 ! And this is my story with English :
At the first time , I was confused , not knowing if I would like the language or not , but I have quickly decided to move and begging to learn something ,then , I'll be able to judge !
My first contact with English was at high-school, here in Morocco , I remember that teacher , she was lovely and she loved her work so much, she followed a noble cause to teach English !!
Well Learning from school , is not really the best thing to continue with, life is full of ways , and my ways of learning English are :
  •  I downloaded songs and their lyrics , and learn them by heart , and start singing them as well !! That was an incredible way to learn , every day , every song , every word , made my English better and better .
  •   Then I started downloading anything related to English , Books , software , ... anything to help .
  •    With time I became familiar with English , and decided to Watch movies , but this time only in English , without subtitles , because in  my point of view , subtitles kills the movie , and kills the language , when seeing a movie with subs there no way to focus on both of the story and the subs !! and this way you ruin all your movie ,so Movies were like my practical way to learn more and more ....
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PS : if you have a story to tell , just like me send it as a message to this page and we will publish it .

 To be continued  ....
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my story with english

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