jeudi 8 août 2013

My story with English ..... Part 5

Part 5

After That meeting with Natives , I was like ; I Wanted that American accent , and I want to be as good as they are , that was my main goal for a while , Just to make my pronunciation good , actually I wanted to make it Great, ... All that motivate me to start over watching movies , and any video that is related to English . 
every movie , every song, every book I've read , has given me so much power to keep on and never give up !
"We must never Give up until we got what we want "  .
Learning lyrics and Singing as well , helped me so much in my way to become an advanced speaker .
Reading books and novels has a big influence on my reading skills  !

So if you are in the phase number 1 of learning English or any other phase , Just don't give up and keep your faith and you will get All you needed and more :D

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To be Continued ...
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