jeudi 15 août 2013

My story with English .... Part 6


... After the phase of learning , I've finally decided to start using English , and one of the amazing and powerful way to use English is to Keep a Diary , That was truly amazing,

At first I started writing short texts , about how did I spend the day and what did I do during the week-end , something like that ,something simple , but it has such a great impact.
day after day, week after week , even year after year , I've come to realize that the diary is the Best friend any one can have , You write everything , it's like a secret Box, no one can touch it , no one can read it but you , you trust each other , you trust it to keep your secrets and it trust you to tell the truth , that's how it works with a diary .
With time you can clearly notice that your language has changed, that's one way to know that you are in the right path and you are actually learning something, when you read something written in the past , and you find some errors , you'd be like : oh ! Did  I wrote this ??!! and YES you did , because you were learning back then , and you will always discover mistakes you've been making during writing your diary . and that's the only moment you can TELL : I've learnt something :p

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To be Continued ...

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